Mission Aid

This fund is used to support specific missionary projects and organisations which are of special interest to the congregation. Support is currently provided to:

Open Doors - this organisation provides encouragement and support to persecuted Christians in many countries across the world.

The Belfast City Mission - the mission is involved in various forms of evangelism and outreach across Belfast and works closely with local churches in bringing the love of Jesus to the population of the city.

European Missionary Fellowship - This organisation supports missionaries and local churches in many countries across Europe. We have a particular interest in the work in Ruba, Belarus where a new church is being established.

Advance - this programme is organised by Mission Africa and aims to provide supports to families in Nigeria who are suffering from the consequences of HIV/AIDS. We are specifically supporting three families who are in great need.

Care for Cambodia - the aim of the project is to provide care and support for children in the villages of Cambodia and to specifically provide educational resources for both the children and their leaders.

Jill and Jonny Hamill - we support these members of our own Congregation who are missionaries in Cambodia.