Sunday Services


Morning Worship
11:30 - 12:30
Evening Service
19:00 - 20:00

At the very heart of the church community, the Sunday services dominate everything we do.

Presenting an opportunity to unite in worship, a warm invitation is given to everyone to join us as we worship God.

Family Services

A varied programme and relaxed atmosphere provide a welcoming environment for all ages. The final Sunday in each month, everyone is welcome.


Regular Communion services are held to allow all those who love the Lord to meet around his table in celebration.

Sermon Audio

Recordings of our Sunday morning services are available online. The recordings can be accessed on Sermon Cloud, iTunes or by using the RSS feed. A list of our latest sermons can be found below:

  Title Reading Date Preacher
  Show House John 09/07/2017 Rev Roy Vallely
  Living Hope Peter ch1 vs1-7 25/06/2017 Rev John Carlisle
  Children's Day Ps 78 11/06/2017 Rev. Jim Campbell
  Treasures in jars of clay 2 Cor ch4 vs7 04/06/2017 Rev. Jim Campbell
  "Peace be with you" Luke 24 v34 21/05/2017 Rev Andy Galbraith
  Mercy Luke 10 vs25 14/05/2017 Rev. Jim Campbell
  Money 07/05/2017
  Love the Lord Your God Deut ch6 vs1 30/04/2017 Rev. Jim Campbell
  Submission Romans 13 vs1 to 7 23/04/2017 Rev. Jim Campbell
  Easter Sunday 16/04/2017 Rev. Jim Campbell

The icon links in the menu at the top and in the footer at the bottom of each page will guide you to your chosen method of listening. The sermon audio banner on the home page will update as new sermons are added.

Please bear in mind that new sermons may take up to 48 hours before being made available. Keep an eye on the home page banner for updates. Or if using iTunes or the RSS feed, you will be notified automatically.

Feel free to leave comments about our online sermons.